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w39a3368Sponsoring a child is engaging in time to give him a chance to have a better future.

We operate in foster homes where children who have had a difficult start to life, need stability. These shelters need stable income to dedicate to the education of children, not in search of funding.

We set the reference sponsorship to 50 € per month. But feel free to put you several to sponsor a child, or choose to sponsor several of them.


pc121018 The children we help are from ethnic minorities from the mountains located between Burma and Thailand. Hmong, Shan, Karen, Akkha, Lahoo are the populations present in our area of intervention in northern Thailand.

These populations have fled war in Burma and sought refuge in Thailand. Children born on Thai soil are undocumented, Thailand only recognizing the right of blood and Burma, the right soil. Most children are stateless, making them easy prey for traffickers of human rampant in the region.

Moreover, in this northern region of Thailand, very poor and affected by drug problems, very many children are left to themselves, without adult to watch over them.

Fortunately, shelters, from personal initiatives are created to collect them. Not helped by the government, these structures are trying to survive somehow.

We prioritize the shelters caring for children with the following criteria:

  • Children orphaned
  • Child abuse
  • School children
  • Children with addicted parents / failing, delivered to addiction…


w39a3371 The anonymous sponsorship helps protect children and to implement equal treatment between them. Indeed, some sponsors may be more generous than others, send gifts etc., which can create jealousies among children. Thanks to anonymous sponsorship, these problems are avoided because it allows to pool money from sponsors to support, for example, a home from home as a whole without differentiating between children.

Individualised approaches with children are the source of many pitfalls singled out by many organizations, which is why we avoid.

It is possible for you to visit the shelters we sponsor if you want to better understand our work.


HOUSES HOME: Through your sponsorship, we act to ensure stability of resources for foster homes. We guarantee that their needs will be assured minimum (food, school fees, staff salaries framing etc.). We demand more attention in consideration of personnel on the education of children and organize educational and cultural activities (art workshops, nutrition classes, language courses and others).

We also work on projects to improve living conditions, financed by large NGO partners (see list partners).

Each center is monitored daily by a member of our team.


SCHOLARSHIP: Some of the children have the ability to study at university. Because they are undocumented, universities add additional costs to their tuition. They can not borrow to finance their education. We give scholarships, favoring those whose project to help eventually to their original ethnic group, coming in turn, teach and / or assist foster homes.




Donations given in the sponsorship are eligible for tax deduction. For more information, see our page “Taxation“.





To ensure the proper functioning of sponsorship, we must control the use of funds, organize activities etc. So we need stable people in our team to keep daily contact with the hostel and anticipate and organize educational activities. We set our operating costs 8% maximum of paid donations. You can check our accounts HERE.


You will receive by email a quarterly newsletter with our main activities. But you can also follow us on our website or on Facebook. In order to limit our operating costs, we avoid paper communication as much as possible.