A “Before Useful” to sleep better

Quatrième Before Utile : soirée caritative au Globo au profit d'Enfants des Minorités

The 4th evening “Before Useful” was born, organized by our Vice-President Alexandre Le Bars, in his Paris establishment in Globo on April 23 last, in partnership with the Secours Populaire. It was crowned by a handsome sum.

Long live the spring and flourishing actions !

The formula certainly usual but no less appreciated, was € 15 entry , giving access to an open bar from 21h to midnight with buffet until 23h prepared by the Studio Café. The locker room was € 2 and boxes, piggy bank were made available for that wanted to make a one-time donation. The online jackpot was also re-enabled.

Two friends of Alexandre were celebrating their birthday that night in the same place, the atmosphere was so good the festivities !!!

This time, the aim of this event was defined beforehand: Financing the purchase of beds  because most children sleep in bad conditions.

Ultimately, it is € 5,000 which were harvested, distributed as follows:

• 175 entries + 165  lockers = € 2,925

• Donation boxes piggy bank = € 345

• Anonymous donation: € 1,500

• Online Leetchi Jackpot: € 250

The originality of this project is that our idea is oriented towards optimizing this opportunity.  By this we mean that instead of buying pre-made beds, we decided to buy the materials and create with children from conception to realization, through budget management.


We think it is a good opportunity to create a workshop that will allow children to LEARN , acquire new skills.

We’ll create a virtual company that manufactures beds, buy materials, pay the teachers who teach them to weld. All together via a joyful education, voluntary and participatory!The final closing is expected around October.

Once this project is completed, it will be a great help we have given to children: a material point of view, educational and human.

A huge thank you to Alexander, his family, friends and to all participants.

Special thanks:

• In the 2 friends of Alexander who decided to celebrate their birthday on this date at Globo for solidarity!

• A  outstanding team of Globo that in addition to coming to work for free, gave gifts !!