The magic of summer camp!

Enfants des Minorités : Summer Camp 2016The summer camp was held from March 27 to April 2, 2016. We received  102 children, from 5 shelters different.

The camp was made possible through funding from the Secours Populaire and the charity event  of Le Globo on February 6.

We were all very touched by the way the camp was held.

Enfants des Minorités : Summer Camp 2016


We wanted this very human camp he was. Many teenagers have cried at the end of the camp, as well as members of our team.

102 children from 5 reception centers were present this week:

Schools of Hope (20 children), Baan Dek Dee (27 children),  Baan Mana (29 children),  Abu Ali (15 children), Home of Ethnic students (11 children).


The programme:
The children had activities outside the camp every day . They were divided into 5 groups divided by age. Some activities were accordingly different for all groups.

We wanted to mix the educational and fun: visits to museums, sites of Chiang Mai zoo, swimming pool, bowling, visiting an organic agriculture center, airport, cinema, etc.

Enfants des Minorités : Swimming pool, Summer Camp 2016 For lunch, they ate at the place of life or outside, depending on the groups and activities.

The kitchen of the evening was made by us with the children who came to help us without us having to ask them, especially the young.

The evenings, games were organized by a member of another NGO, specialist in children’s activities. Last evening, the children gave us a show with songs and dances of their respective ethnic groups.

The organisation:
The camp was largely run by teenagers Schools of Hope.

It is they who supervised the children every day. They assumed their mission perfectly, which helped us a lot in our desire to train personnel from other orphanages.They were all very impressed with the friendliness, devotion and leadership of these young qualities.

No member of staff of Schools of Hope did not need to stay put, unlike all the other centers.

Enfants des Minorités : Summer Camp 2016 We received two important visits:

• The first, that of a hotel school met at the Embassy of France that came to make a presentation of their center. They work in partnership with major groups and provide jobs after training. Several young people have shown great interest and wish to apply next year. The issue of identity papers is central but can be managed.

• The second visit was that of a friend pilot of Air France came to explain his trade to the children. The questions rockets for over an hour, the children visited the airport and the Air Force yesterday. We want the children to have dreams that motivate them to study. In the mountains, they have no other example that farmer and teacher, we want to broaden their horizons.

Visiting a center of agriculture focused on self-sufficiency was also important. The children discovered ways to “organic” and the directors of orphanages have had new ideas, such as creating a mushroom farm that can generate income and learn healthy agriculture to children.

The staff of the shelters said they had enjoyed the camp because the children had learned things without sitting all day at school, and especially the children had felt that we really liked.

We believe that to feel loved is the most important thing for a child in their situation, so we are thrilled and moved. They also said that children would remember all their lives this week …

That was our goal !!