Improvements in the center Abu Ali

abu-ali-ameliorations The main center of Abu Ali ( “Boy Girl”  in Akha language)  located in the area of Chiang Rai  and we  help since early this year, has benefited from improvements in its buildings. The center had an acceptable level of comfort, but still need for improvement.  

Gutter installation:
85 meters of gutters were installed on several roofs to drain rainwater. They are now redirected outwardly of the property. 10m. gutters have also been the subject of repair.
An installation of 40m. pipes was also necessary to enable the evacuation of water from another part of the roof, and a caniveau 15m. long was dug in order to channel them.



Floor tile:
The pre-visit had highlighted the fact that the toilet was made with cement floors and walls without any protection against moisture. Therefore, tile was placed there (toilet + shower) for a total of 98 sqm including walls and floors. This makes the use of sanitary conditions far more comfortable and more hygienic.


A new fridge and washing machine were purchased. Indeed, the previous fridge was dangerous (electricity problem). The washing machine will greatly facilitate the work of staff.

Creating a tunnel in front of the main entrance: failure.

We planned to create a caniveau opposite the entrance to channel the flow of water from the road, but it has not been possible because the authorities have not given their permission.

All these works, which cost about 143,400 baht (about € 3,700)* were funded 100 %by BCTFN.  

We are very pleased that the living conditions and comfort of the children and staff have been improved. Their daily life will be even more convenient and enjoyable.

This also allows the Director  Mr  Ariya Rattanawichaikun, to feel supported in the management and maintenance of the center. 

Note that Enfants des minorités continues to support their spending on food and other necessary purchases up to 10,000 baht per month (about 255 €). We could help them further with the help of new donors.

Thank thousand times BCTFN he could make these projects feasible.

* This amount also includes the “Fire” workshop held on March12 .