Educational programme

Educational Programme Enfants Des Minorités

The prospects for the future for the children are minimal. They have no dreams of the future and their ambitions are limited to becoming teachers or nurses. The very poor villages from which they come do not offer them any wider prospects for the future.

Moreover, the children from these villages are, mainly, stateless. Burma only recognises the right by birthplace and, Thailand, the right by blood ties; children born in Thailand of Burmese parents, de facto, have no nationality. Consequently, it is very difficult for them to find work. That is why almost all of them stop education after college; the families, where they exist, having only small resources, not being able to afford the costs linked to the cost of transport (the lycées are far away) and to school equipment.

This engenders a terrible vicious circle: often these children marry and have children while still minors. In these circumstances, not having the means to bring up their offspring. The young parents turn to solutions where money is more accessible: drugs (growing poppies, selling them and inevitably using).

In this infernal spiral, where the parents are absent physically and/or psychologically, the children often find themselves left to themselves and end up in a children’s home. We must add, that those who have parents, these urge their children to find work as quickly as possible, without finishing their studies to help them pay off the loans which they have signed up for. For, despite their isolation in the mountains, these people have access to television and want to possess as much as city-dwellers and therefore incur a massive debt.

We try to respond to the problems of these children, by helping the most deprived amongst them who live in children’s homes.
These homes lack the means, human and financial to educate them correctly.

We launched, in 2015, our programme of sponsorship to finance these homes and to be able to put in place the following actions:

Establishment and partners 
Training of personnel
Make available educational tools
Professional days
Language courses
Higher studies
Necessary practical knowledge
Personal expression

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