Baan Dek Dee


Baan Dek Dee is the new center we support, in the North of Thailand, Sansai, about 20 km from Chiang Mai.

Created in 2012 by Mr Manop Jaowjaroen and his wife Mrs Ta Jaowjaroen, the center helps today to 19 children, aged 5 to 11 years and Thai nationality (Hmong).

Birth and presentation
As a child, Manop looked at the world from her orphan’s eyes, and he did not feel happy because he found that the children were not getting enough love.

Growing up, his dream was to help turn children orphaned or disadvantaged, improving living conditions and providing them with a good education.


In the mountains, some children are subject to risks because their parents are very poor, in jail, or sometimes died.

The grandparents are too old or too poor to care for them to the point that some of them might try to sell them to traffickers.

The draft is then Manop provide a roof, a center, a bulwark against the human trafficking.

For this project, Manop, who is himself of Hmong origin then gathers the information necessary to identify orphans, thanks to the help of the leader of North Hmong villages.

At first, he obtained a list of 100 orphans. Then he decided to visit each family to choose the children who really need assistance.

In 2012, when Baan Dek Dee started, the center helped 16 children. In 2013, 3 more children joined. Today they have 19 children.

Manop and his wife manage only the orphanage. They receive no salary. They still live in the same house and share meals with 19 children from the center.

The house belongs to the brother of Mr Manop. He pays a small rent. Monthly expenses are between 40,000 and 50,000 baht.

The money comes from regular donors, or one-time donations like food or clothes.

But these donations are definitely too small to completely cover the costs.

We met this center in 2015 and decided to help.

We have already delivered their 1 ton of rice and continue to support.