A “children rights” workshop

Last weekend a workshop on  “children rights” took place at our “Baan din” centre..

We worked to do it with another association “OCN”.

We were impressed by their professionalism and by how they entertained the children and gave them essential information at the same time.

The beginning of a collaboration which we hope will last a long time.

53 children from the village came to be present at this two-day workshop.


  • The workshop programme was the following : 
  • What are the children’s rights ? *
  • What are the threats to the children ? *
  • Protecting yourself from HIV / AIDS… Anagram : “THE AIDS = IS DEATH”
  • Adolescence is a time for growth spurts and puberty changes *
  • How to set limits for kids without harshness, fear or shame
  • Risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect
  • Building positive relationships with young children is an essential task and a foundational component of good teaching.
  • How to learn to say NO
  • Developing a gender equity and/or prevention of violence against women * Protecting children from social-media traps

Important and serious subjects which were tackled with gentleness, skilful teaching and sometimes humour.

The children were delighted and we too!


From here on, EDM concentrates on education and children’s rights are one of our priorities.  We are already in discussion with “OCN” to continue and extend our partnership.



A video was made during the workshop; here is the link