Abu Ali

Enfants des minorités : Centre Abu Ali, ThaïlandeEnfants Des Minorités is supporting a new center in the region of Chiang Rai, near the center of Baan Mana also support you. His name is  Abu Ali, meaning, Boy Girl  in Akha.


This center brainchild Mr Ariya Rattanawichaikun, resulting from the Akha ethnic minority. He was himself a child at risk prey to traffickers is the reason why he could not make long studies.

After a few years in Japan, he returned to his native region (Chiang Rai) in order to help the children.


It supports two shelters built on family land :

 The  main center in the village where he was born in Tambon Huay Namyen Wawee. This center consists of 13 girls and 3 boys aged 5 to 16 years.

 The  second , created in 2014, in Chiang Rai so that children can continue their education through high school. 5 children live here.

The two centers  have an acceptable level of comfort. They are new and do not require major work. They were financed by Japanese organizations. 

Mr Ariya  also supports  10 other children  who live in families whose parents can not take over the school.

Children in these centers are mainly from the  ethnic minority Akha.  They are orphans, from poor families and / or drug addicts, or placed with relatives because their parents are in prison after cultivating poppy.

During his years in Japan, Mr Ariya met with Japanese donors that allowed him to have money coming in and construct buildings. Currently, the village visitor center works with 12,000 baht (about € 300) and that of Chiang Rai with 5000 baht (about 125 €) per month. And yet, these gifts are not regular.

Enfants des minorités : cochons au centre Abu Ali, Thaïlande

Faced with the glaring lack of operational budget, Mr Ariya trying to raise pigs and planting vegetables.

Abu Ali  faces the recurring problem of homes for children in the region: Donors want to fund the buildings but not the operating costs.

Mr Ariya has not the financial means to hire staff to care for the children. He constantly traveled between the two centers. His wife and the parent volunteer help. He received no salary in 2015 due to the low amount of donations. He survives by making translations in Japanese and as a guide to some Japanese tourists.

To support them, we have already delivered one tonne of organic brown rice the  10 January 2016 funded by the association “Enfants des rues” .   

We have also started weekly deliveries of food.

Besides Noël took place there, to the delight of all.

If you too wish to help, thank you to contact Enfants Des Minorités by email: contact@enfantsdesminorites.org